Gordon's Last Faculty Recital

Gordon's Last Faculty Recital at Ithaca College, Ford Hall Auditorium, School of Music, Ithaca, New Yordk

This program will feature Gordon and a number of his friends and colleagues, including: -Eriko Daimo - (she will premiere a new composition for solo marimba and perform Skylark Orange Circles with me) -Dane Richeson - (we will perform my Choro No.1 together, featuring the amazing Dane on pandeiro) -Larissa Venzie - (she will perform a solo work that I composed for her.  Additionally we will perform Laruci In The Sky for two marimbas together, and a new arrangement of Shenandoah for two marimbas) -Dan Pancaldi - we will all perform a new percussion ensemble work by Dan.  Bobby Lopez will also join us for this performance (Bobby is from Texas). -who knows whatever other treats for you will be performed!