Idio-Kinetic Workbook  (1990).  Actually written in the 1970's, these exercises were developed on marimba from ideas I became aware of from my study of the piano. These ideas came from the following book:  New Pathways to Piano Technique (1953), by Luigi Bonpensiere (forward by Aldous Huxley), which is published by Philosophical Library/New York, and has been out of print for years.  Amazingly, the Ithaca College music library has/had a copy.  It is an amazingly difficult book to read and understand, and the ideas put forth in my book only scratch the surface of what is possible to learn from.  The exercises here will help the marimbist develop a sense of muscle memory for where the notes on the keyboard are, and how far the distance between notes is. Therefore, when reading music and playing, the marimbist will feel more confident of where the notes are, while looking at the music. A wonderful companion book is Music Speed Reading, by David Hickman (also now out of print).  There is a section for two and four mallets, as well as some interesting exercises that are not so much related to ideo-kinetic concepts. Also included are some of my ideas for how to practice creatively.  A must for every serious mallet percussionist. Published by Keyboard Percussion Publications (