Whatever's More

On October 13, 2018 

There is one small errata for this piece, which was recently discovered: 

-in the next to last bar, in the right hand, the notes are written G over e-flat, and they should be down a third C over E-flat.  A minor but important change.  Thanks.

Astral Dance-new ending - 8bassa

Skylark Orange Circles - Errata and solutions.

Errata: Sedimental Structures

m.s 1 and 26:  cresc. for two beats, dim. for two beats. 

-corrected notation for m.s 41-44.

-add in allargando in m.s 84 and 85, then a tempo in m.86. 

-delete m. 93 completely.  It is a useless repeat of the previous bar (m.92). 

-corrected notation for m.129 and 130.  Add in tied repeat of C-sharp in m.129, so the last chord is four voices. then add in the low G and D in the middle of the long arpeggiated figure, as below.