Michael Waldrop's new CD  TIME FRAMES has been released as of May 1, 2021.  It contains, among other tracks, Stout's Incoming for marimba and drum set.  This performance, done by Stout and Waldrop in Ithaca, New York at Rep Studios, was first released on Welcome to Stoutland, and now appears in a freshly mixed version.  It also contains works by Waldrop, Jack Cooper, Nathan Daughtrey, Jonathan Middleton, and Brad Dutz, and is a great CD!  If you like marimba, drum set, and great performances and music, you will love this CD.  www.michaelwaldrop.net.  On Origin Classical  OC 33025.

Music for Solo Marimba - Gordon's first album, originally an LP (late 1970's), then a CD (thanks to Steve Weiss!), has long been out of print.  It is now available as a  digital download from:  https://www.vapmedia.com.  It contains the first recording of Two Mexican Dances, as well as other compositions by Gordon, Clair Musser, Richard Stout, J.S. Bach, Alec Wilder, and Fritz Kreisler.

Sold by vap media for only $7.95!!



Welcome to Stoutland - Gordon Stout & Friends. The chamber music of Gordon Stout and Anthony DiBartolo.  Performers include: Gordon, Dane Richeson, Susan Waterbury, Stephane Tran Ngoc, Marco Schirripa, Sean Gill, Michael Waldrop, Eriko Daimo, Anthony DiBartolo, and Larissa Venzie.  Works for marimba and pandeiro, marimba, violin and pandeiro, two marimbas, marimba and drum set, and marimba snare drums.  Available on iTunes, CD Baby, and others.  Or write me if you still own a CD player and would like the actual CD. 

Sing to me of the night - The saxophone music of Dana Wilson:  includes Sati (1983),for alto saxophone, cello, and two percussionists.  Recorded at Ithaca College, many, many years ago.  Steven Mauk, saxophone;  Elizabeth Simkin, cello; Gordon Stout and Ted Rounds, percussion.  Now available: Steven Mauk: mauk@ithaca.edu. 

Colleen Clark - The Debut Album.  www.colleenclarkmusic.com. iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.  I am totally in love with this album of new jazz compositions by Colleen.  I am also the Producer of this album. It was recorded at The Bunker Studios in Brooklyn, NY in the summer of 2013.  Amazing music.  Amazing musicians and performances.  An album you will listen to many, many times!  Check it out! 

Kenyon Williams, Percussion:  Homage.  Contains Stout's Sedimental Structures, and music by Cort Lippe, Russell Peterson, James Campbell, Christos Hatzis, Henry Gwiazda, and Carrie Magin.  www.steveweissmusic.com.  Sedimental Structures is published by Keyboard Percussion Publications (www.mostlymarimba.com). 

 The Wilder Duo Live (1979-1976).  WD-1000 Double CD set, including performances of the music of Stout, Levy, Ewazen, Wilder, Snow, Turok, Andrix, Schultz Darling.  Limited edition, released in January 2014. Write to me if you are interested in this two CD set. 

Cottontail Capers.  A Xylophone Solo by Bob Becker.  2013, on Resonator Records (www.mostlymarimba.com).  Yurika Kimura, xylophone soloist.  Featuring the Malletech All Star Quartet:  Bob Becker, Michael Burritt, Leigh Howard Stevens and Gordon Stout.  The music is also for sale as of November 2013 from Keyboard Percussion Publications (www.mostlymarimba.com). 

Air Mosaic, The Lawrence University Wind Ensemble, Robert Levy, conductor.  Dane Richeson and Gordon Stout, marimba soloists in Gordon's Duo Concertante for two marimbas and wind ensemble(1996).  Premiered at Ithaca College in 1996 with Gordon and Ted Rounds as soloists.  Duo Concertante is published by Keyboard Percussion Publications (www.mostlymarimba.com). 

Groundlines, by Thomas Burritt.  Contains Gordon"s Four Dances (2006-2007):  A Lullaby Dancing, Song, Waltz, and Dance/Finale.  This is an amazing recording of my music, by one of the world's leading marimbists. www.thomasburritt.com.  Four Dances are published by Keyboard Percussion Publications (www.mostlymarimba.com). 

Desperate Attitudes (Rowan University DMC-1114/2):  Featuring Gordon's percussion ensemble composition: Desperate Attutides (1998).  Commissioned and Premiered by Michael Burritt and the Northwestern University percussion ensemble.  Music published by Keyboard Percussion Publications (www.mostlymarimba.com). 

Percussion Music of Eric Ewazen (Resonator Records, www.mostlymarimba.com).  Featuring Gordon's performance of Northern LIghts.  This is an older recording, but a very good one!  Also features She-e Wu playing Ewazen's Concerto, and the University of Oklahoma Percussion Ensemble performing Palace of Nine Perfections. All the music on the CD is published by Keyboard Percussion Publications (www.mostlymarimba.com). 

Wooden Drum, by Esclats (Quartet de Percussio).  This quartet is from Spain, and their debut album from a couple of years ago contains by composition Route 666 for marimba solo and percussion quartet.  The album also contains works by Angel Lluis Fernando, Andres Valero, Cesar Can, and Tobias Brostrom.  You can get it from www.steveweissmusic.com.  Route 666 is published by Keyboard Percussion Publications (www.mostlymarimba.com). 

Alec Wilder - Music for Marimba CRS-4190 (LP - out of print) Golden Crest/Margun Music 167 Dudley Rd. Newton Center, Mass. 02159 Includes: Suite for Flute and Marimba, Suite for Trumpet and Marimba, and Sextet for Marimba and Wind Quintet. 

Brian Bowman, "The First Carnegie Hall Euphonium Recital" CD S393: www.crytalrecords.com- search “Adler”.) Crystal Records Recital Series Contains: Dialog for Euphonium and Marimba, by Samuel Adler. 

Gordon Stout: 2 Originally on LP, now out of print. Studio 4 Productions Includes: Creston's Concertino, DePonte's Concertino, Peters' Yellow After The Rain, more. 

Gordon Stout: Astral Projections Resonator Records 00042 (www.mostlymarimba.com)(also available on iTunes). Includes: Stout:Four Episodes, Sedimental Structures, Rumble Strips, Rivers of Wood, Two Mexican Dances, and Astral Dance as well as Three Choros by Augusto Marcellino.  All the music on this CD is published by Keyboard Percussion Publications (www.mostlymarimba.com). 

Michael Burritt: Perpetual PA7001-CD Peppermint Artist Series see www.steveweissmusic.com Includes: Diptych No.3, for two marimbas, by Gordon Stout.  Diptych No. 3 is published by Ludwig Music. 

New Music Series, Vol. 2 450-72-CD Neuma Records: www.neumarecords.com Includes: the legendary recording of Autumn Island for solo marimba, by Roger Reynolds 

Nola: The Eastman Marimba Band Originally on LP, now OUT OF PRINT Mercury Golden Imports. Contains the music of G.H. Green, Harry Breuer, and Red Norvo. 

In The Dragon's Garden. Liscio Recordings, Inc.: www.lisciorecordings.com Includes: Valencia: Iberian Musings for Marimba and Saxophone Quartet (Empire Saxophone Quartet with Gordon Stout). Gordon says: this is a great work!!! 

Images of Chagall: Meyer Kupferman CD 103 (see: www.jamesarts.com/soundspells.htm) Soundspells Productions Includes: Sound Phantom #7, for saxophone and percussion. Steve Mauk, saxophone and Gordon Stout, percussion. 

New American Works By Rouse, Godfrey, D'Angelo, Silsbee Spectrum SR-327 The Society for New Music now available on: American Masters for the 21st Century (5 CD set, from: www.societyfornewmusic.org) Includes: The Surma Ritornelli, by Christopher Rouse (w/Gordon Stout, percussion) 

Organist David Craighead Stereo S858 (originally an LP, now available in CD format) Crystal Records CD181 Includes: Xenia, A Dialogue for Organ and Percussion, by Samuel Adler. Gordon Stout, percussion. 

The Music of David Chaitkin Composers Recordings, Inc. CD 749 (available from amazon.com - summer 2007) Includes: Scattering Dark and Bright, for piano and percussion (with Edward Murray, piano. Gordon Stout, percussion) Back to top