New pictures added today (September 22, 2020):  CNY Symphonic Percussion Roundtable, NYS PAS Day of Percussion, and Percussion Friends Online Academy 2020.

Coming soon:  Subscription Series.  I will soon be offering three levels of subscription to the music of Gordon Stout through Full Circle Publications.  Details are being firmed up as I post this, but I need just a little more time to finalize them all.  

Retirement has provided me with lots of time to compose new music.  I have written 14 new compositions in 2019 and 2020 (so far).  There are two for percussion ensemble.  There are four chamber music compositions.  That leaves 8 for solo marimba.  almost all of them have not yet been performed.  I will get them into circulation as soon as I can.  Write me if there are things you might be interested in at  They may be available first as part of the Subscription Series.  We shall see.  I just keep writing music.  It is what I do.

Here are the compositions newly added to my list as of 8/17/2020. .  They are now for sale in the Full Circle Publications sections of this site.  Check them out.  There are four ensemble works and one solo work, and perhaps due to the extra time everyone has because of virus issues, you might wish to plan ahead for next years recitals and percussion ensemble concerts.  They are only available as of today - March 25, 2020 - in digital pdf file format.  As soon as I can get out and about to find another printer, I will let you all know. 

1.  Emerald Romp (2017), for vibraphone, marimba and drum set. 

2.  Prolific Platitudes (2016), for percussion quartet. 

3.  Look Forward With Your Feet (2016), for marimba (5.0) and five percussion . 

4.  Sinfonietta (2019), for marimba orchestra. 

5.  Shadows of the Wind (2017), for solo marimba (5.0). 

6.  Vistas of Amfikaia (2018-2020). fpr sp;p ,aro,ba (5.0)

Please feel free to browse through the many compositions of mine contained in this section of my website.  The following is a summary of what you will find, as of January 22, 2020.  More pieces to come soon.  I am ALWAYS writing music. 

40 marimba solo 

          1 new solo now available.  3/25/2020 

27 marimba with other instrument 

8 marimba duos 

13 percussion ensemble 

          3 new pieces now available!  3/25/2020 

 1 marimba quartet 

1 Concerto (two marimbas & wind ensemble) 

1 method book 

4 marimba orchestra

New Compositions coming from Keyboard Percussion Publications!

1. Short Dance (Dance Courte) 2016, for solo 5.0 marimba (currently available from mostly or Steve Weiss Music. 

2.  Mystic Rites of Flight, 2015 for tw0 5.0 marimbas 

3.  Seeking Pacific Waters, 2015 for percussion ensemble 

4.  The Changeling 2015 for marimba and nine instruments 

5.  Migratory Systems 2005 for 4.0 xylophone solo and percussion ensemble 

6.  Stars of Brazil 2014 for 5.0 marimba and flute 

These will be my last compositions published by KPP.  Short Dance is available as of January 2020.  Next on the list for release is Stars of Brazil, sometime during the spring of 2020.  After that, your guess is as good as mine.  Things move quite slowly at KPP.  If you are interested in these works, please write to me at  All other and future compositions will be published by Full Circle Publications, a division of G&C Music.


Heartland Marimba Quartet CD now available!

Posted on November 01, 2019.  Please copy and past links!  

The Heartland Marimba Quartet CD has now been released, and is available from: 


This is a really great CD, with music by Gottschalk, Orfaly, Pickering, Joplin, Blasco, Simpson, and Gordon Stout!  Their recording of my New York Triptych is totally amazing!  It has all the right energy, musical direction, control of articulation and tone quality, and is something I am very proud to add to my list of recorded compositions!  I highly recommend this CD.  Matthew Coley, their director, is really the new Clair Omar Musser in today's marimba world (my thought), and this group is a seasoned chamber music ensemble, as good as any string quartet!


YOuTube links galore! 

Please copy and past these links!  Afternoon Footprints (2015), by Larissa Venzie Luvlars (2016), by Larissa Venzie Seeking Pacific Waters (2015), NJ Youth Symphony Percussion Ensemble Finale from Four Dances for Marimba (Tom Burritt) A Lullaby Dancing from Four Dances for Marimba (Tom Burritt) Song from Four Dances for Marimba (Tom Burritt) Two Mexican Dances (1.) (Kevin Bobo) Two Mexican Dances (2.) (Kevinm Bobo) Skylark Orange Circles (Marco Schirripa and Andrew Dobos) Somewhere in African There’s a Whirlwind (Marco Schirripa and Sean Gill). Morphic Resonance (Marco Schirripa) Desperate Attitudes (TCU Percussion)   Prelude: A Winter Song (Lawrence University Percussion Ensemble - LUPI) Anthem: To Catch A Glimpse (Ayami Okamura) Episode 5 (Anthony DiBartolo)