The video of the Nexus and Friends concert is now published and available for all to watch on YouTube:

This was an exceptional event that involved Nexus, and a host of others, including Michael Burritt, Gordon Stout, Ray Dillard, Ruth Cahn, Conrad Alexander,and  John Beck (hope I didn't forget anyone!).  

It took place at the site of the very first Nexus concert:  Kilbourn Hall at the Eastman School of Music, and was completely improvised.  A little over 45" of glorious percussion music.  I was honored to be a part of this concert.


I forgot to post this  video of a very exciting  performance and composition, which you can view on YouTube:

Johan Svitzer, of Edtion Svitzer, says this:

In January 2021, Danish publishing house Edition Svitzer launched the Stellar International Composer Competition. The goal was both to encourage the composition of new percussion music and to recognize unknown composers and allow their music to be heard. The Jury panel consisted of Gordon Stout (USA), Peter Klatzow (RSA), Dame Evelyn Glennie (UK) and Johan Svitzer (DK and CEO of the publishing house). Constellations I by Maximilian Wolfgang Schwarz was created and was announced the Award‐winning 2nd prize composition of the Advanced Category following these words: “Constellations I is the best piece I have ever come across that explores sound effects on the marimba in a really musical way. It is the essence of the piece rather than an ‘addition’. Maximilian is absolutely superb and the video work is really well done.”



Prayer for Ukraine

for solo marimba (5.0)

I will forward all proceeds from the sale of my most recent composition  to Cathy Likhuta through PayPal.  Cathy currently lives in Australia, but was born in Kyiv, Ukraine. Her mother recently passed away in Kyiv, and Cathy has other family still in country. She has direct contacts on the ground in Ukraine with the Ukrainian Army, Red Cross and Save the Children!  All of you can easily afford $20.00 to help aid in the cause of the Ukrainian people.  To do this now, go to the Full Circle Publications section of this site.  Thank you.

There is now a wonderful YouTube performance by Thomas Burritt:


StoutWorks Sound Essential Series marimba mallets are now available in the SES 1N and SES 2R models!  April, 2022

New Compositions by Gordon Stout

Works for a New Time

Now Available in Full Circle Publications.  9 pieces.  107 pages of music.  Over 45 minutes of music.  $20.00.  Available in the US in both printed and digital formats.  Available outside the US in digital format only.

My first solo recording (Music for Solo Marimba) is still available from for only $7.95!. It contains, among other works, the first recording of Two Mexican Dances.   In the recordings section you will also find recordings by Moersch, G.H. Green, Weinberg, and Kite.  In the Publications section you will find many important texts as well: Blades, Peinkofer/Tannigel, Vela, MacCallum, Taylor (the long out of print Art and Science of Timpani book), and others.

I have posted in the Compositions for Solo Marimba section a wonderful new video of Two Mexican Dances for Marimba, performed by Aaron Rausch.  It is near the end of the section, because it is one of my oldest marimba compositions.  YOu can also go to his Youtube channel and watch it:  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!  July 14, 2021.

New:  my compositions are now organized by category:

1.  Compositions  for Solo Marimba

2.  compositions for Marimba Duo

3. compositions for Percussion Ensembe

4. compositions for Marimba with Other Instruments

5.  compositions for Marimba Quartet

6.  compositions  for Marimba Orchestra

7.  compositions for Marimba Concerto

8.  Method Book for Marimba


Michael Waldrop's new CD  TIME FRAMES has been released as of May 1, 2021.  It contains, among other tracks, Stout's Incoming for marimba and drum set.  This performance, done by Stout and Waldrop in Ithaca, New York at Rep Studios, was first released on Welcome to Stoutland, and now appears in a freshly mixed version.  It also contains works by Waldrop, Jack Cooper, Nathan Daughtrey, Jonathan Middleton, and Brad Dutz, and is a great CD!  If you like marimba, drum set, and great performances and music, you will love this CD.  On Origin Classical  OC 33025.

I have uploaded a live performance of my Concerto for Marimba and Wind Ensemble to the Historic Reference Recordings section.  It is a performance by Gordon Stout and the Lawrence University Wind Ensemble (Appleton, WI), Robert Levy conducting, from 1989.  Thanks to Alvina Tan at Lawrence for locating this performance, and copying it for my archives.  The second movement is for solo marimba, and I will publish it before the end of the years (2022) through Full Circle Publications.

The Music of Ted Rounds is still available from this website (10/20/22).  It will, however migrate to Kent State University School of Music in the near future.  It will be managed by Matt Holm, Professor of Percussion at KSU.

Three titles are now for sale:

 Bluebird Samba (for marimba quartet)

 viewfinder (for marimba duet)

 Lopsy Lou (for solo timpani).  

Check them out!  This is great music and the money from each and every purchase will go to a Percussion scholarship at Kent State University, where Ted taught from 1996-2016.  

Ted passed away way too early, and during the last phone conversation that I had with Ted I told him we would not forget his music.  So now the initial three works have been re-engraved and edited for sale.  I take no money whatsoever, and have not been payed for the countless hours of computer work to get to this point (the same for co-editor Andrew Moran).  We are doing it to commemorate the work of Ted Rounds, and our love of his personage, and to enhance his legacy to the percussive arts.

The next round of pieces will include:

Manjiani (for marimba quartet)

Better Moves (for percussion quartet)

Mallet-Keyboard Exercises (Fascimile Edition)

Guessing (for steel band)