I have finally caught up with making available fourteen (yes, 14!!) compositions that are now available for purchase in the Music for Sale:  Full Circle Publications section of this website. 

There are six chamber music works:

  1.  Parrots in Peril, for two 5.0 marimbas
  2. Hand in Hand, for two players on one marimba and harp
  3. Sarah's Dance, for young percussion ensemble (9 players)
  4. Dane's Groove, for marimba, percussion (one player with bongos and congas), and upright bass
  5. Crossing Sweet Bridges, for flute and marimba
  6. Lament, for marimba quartet.

There are also eight works for solo marimba:

  1. Elegy for Ukraine
  2. Lament
  3. Unintended Consequences
  4. Echoes of spirit
  5. Findings
  6. The Many Shades of Green
  7. Bag of Bones
  8. Three Movements for Marimba and Wind Ensemble, Movement 2 (solo marimba)

I hope you all will check them out.  Solo marimbas works are being sold for only $5.00, and all chamber works for only $10.00.

You will find mp3 recordings of the works included so you can listen before purchasing.  The Three Movements recording is in the Historic Reference Recordings of Gordon Stout section of this website.

I am extremely happy to tell you all that I now play a marimba made by Matt Coe (www.coepercussion.com).  I have sold my special DeMorrow marimba to a great former student of mine, so it is in a really great home.  The Coe 5.0 marimba features a round metal frame harkening back to the old Deagan instruments that we love so much.  It also has Composite Resonators, which means the total weight of the marimba is 164 pounds (the DeMorrow, for instance was about 400 pounds).  Pictures and Recordings of this beautiful new marimba will be forthcoming over the fall of 2023.

My first solo recording (Music for Solo Marimba) is still available from VAPmedia.com for only $7.95!. It contains, among other works, the first recording of Two Mexican Dances.   In the recordings section you will also find recordings by Moersch, G.H. Green, Weinberg, and Kite.  In the Publications section you will find many important texts as well: Blades, Peinkofer/Tannigel, Vela, MacCallum, Taylor (the long out of print Art and Science of Timpani book), and others.

The Music of Ted Rounds is still available from this website (10/20/22)

Three titles are now for sale:

 Bluebird Samba (for marimba quartet)

 viewfinder (for marimba duet)

 Lopsy Lou (for solo timpani).  

Check them out!  This is great music and the money from each and every purchase will go to a Percussion scholarship at Kent State University, where Ted taught from 1996-2016.  

Ted passed away way too early, and during the last phone conversation that I had with Ted I told him we would not forget his music.  So now the initial three works have been re-engraved and edited for sale.  I take no money whatsoever, and have not been payed for the countless hours of computer work to get to this point (the same for co-editor Andrew Moran).  We are doing it to commemorate the work of Ted Rounds, and our love of his personage, and to enhance his legacy to the percussive arts.

The next round of pieces will include:

Manjiani (for marimba quartet)

Better Moves (for percussion quartet)

Mallet-Keyboard Exercises (Fascimile Edition)

Guessing (for steel band)


YouTube links galore! 

Please copy and past these links!

https://youtu.be/THYlzUsk69Y  Afternoon Footprints (2015), by Larissa Venzie 

https://youtu.be/Wx210pp7xtU Luvlars (2016), by Larissa Venzie 

https://youtu.be/_lUEw5Nmqd8 Seeking Pacific Waters (2015), NJ Youth Symphony Percussion Ensemble 

https://youtu.be/l-4xeDMYC9A Finale from Four Dances for Marimba (Tom Burritt) 

https://youtu.be/LrzPYYp6sPA A Lullaby Dancing from Four Dances for Marimba (Tom Burritt) 

https://youtu.be/-dh2hq7AyD8 Song from Four Dances for Marimba (Tom Burritt) 

https://youtu.be/VbGVfhgkuM8 Two Mexican Dances (1.) (Kevin Bobo) 

https://youtu.be/mRpmzA8IPp0 Two Mexican Dances (2.) (Kevinm Bobo) 

https://youtu.be/K3IBAJYgdU4 Skylark Orange Circles (Marco Schirripa and Andrew Dobos) 

https://youtu.be/iByZl1YndwY Somewhere in African There’s a Whirlwind (Marco Schirripa and Sean Gill). 

https://youtu.be/tMWUULdzu40 Morphic Resonance (Marco Schirripa) 

https://youtu.be/9goupyinaLE Desperate Attitudes (TCU Percussion) 

https://www.lawrence.edu/conservatory/webcasts   Prelude: A Winter Song (Lawrence University Percussion Ensemble - LUPI) 

https://youtu.be/oipYHn_W8qI Anthem: To Catch A Glimpse (Ayami Okamura) 

https://youtu.be/TrYFgQIj4pQ Episode 5 (Anthony DiBartolo)