Michael Waldrop's new CD  TIME FRAMES has been released as of May 1, 2021.  It contains, among other tracks, Stout's Incoming for marimba and drum set.  This performance, done by Stout and Waldrop in Ithaca, New York at Rep Studios, was first released on Welcome to Stoutland, and now appears in a freshly mixed version.  It also contains works by Waldrop, Jack Cooper, Nathan Daughtrey, Jonathan Middleton, and Brad Dutz, and is a great CD!  If you like marimba, drum set, and great performances and music, you will love this CD.  www.michaelwaldrop.net.  On Origin Classical  OC 33025.

AS of April 14, 2021, the SES 2R mallets are temporarily unavailable.  I am waiting on a new and improved design for the cores, and will get them back in circulation as soon as possible.  Also, I am discontinuing the Leah Gardner series.

I have uploaded a live performance of my Concerto for Marimba and Wind Ensemble to the Historic Reference Recordings section.  It is a performance by Gordon Stout and the Lawrence University Wind Ensemble (Appleton, WI), Robert Levy conducting, from 1989.  Thanks to Alvina Tan at Lawrence for locating this performance, and copying it for my archives.

The Music of Ted Rounds is now operational and open for business.  

Three initial titles are now for sale:

 Bluebird Samba (for marimba quartet)

 viewfinder (for marimba duet)

 Lopsy Lou (for solo timpani).  

Check them out!  This is great music and the money from each and every purchase will go to a Percussion scholarship at Kent State University, where Ted taught from 1996-2016.  

Ted passed away way too early, and during the last phone conversation that I had with Ted I told him we would not forget his music.  So now the initial three works have been re-engraved and edited for sale.  I take no money whatsoever, and have not been payed for the countless hours of computer work to get to this point (the same for co-editor Andrew Moran).  We are doing it to commemorate the work of Ted Rounds, and our love of his personage, and to enhance his legacy to the percussive arts.

The next round of pieces will include:

Manjiani (for marimba quartet)

Better Moves (for percussion quartet)

Mallet-Keyboard Exercises (Fascimile Edition)

Guessing (for steel band)


I have now added a new page to my website:  Historic Reference Recordings of Gordon Stout.  These recordings are not for sale, but available for you reference to listen to.  Currently it contains:

1.  Autumn Island, Roger Reynolds for solo marimba.  From the Neuma Records recording in 1998.

2,  Concertino for Marimba and Orchestra, by Paul Creston.  From PASIC 1984, with the University of Michigan Symphony Orchestra, Larry Rachleff conducting.

3.  Concertino for Marimba and Orchestra, by Paul Creston.  From Gordon Stout 2 (LP - not re-released).

Still Leaves Falling, for solo 4.3 marimba is now available for purchase in the Full Circle Publications section of this site, for $10.00 (pdf file).  Check it out if you are looking for reasonable solos for a non five octave marimba.  Not technically virtuosity, but it does require excellent musicianship and a creative musical mind/ear.

The Subscription Series for Full Circle Publications is now operational.  There are two levels as you will see:  the Basic Level and the Premium Level.  Purchase some music and get some bonus music free is the basic idea.  There are other bonuses in the Premium Level as well.  Details in the Subscription Series page.  Check it out please.

New pictures added:  CNY Symphonic Percussion Roundtable, NYS PAS Day of Percussion, and Percussion Friends Online Academy 2020, PASIC 2016, Nexus with Gordon and Friends at IC, 2018, Marimba Masters Celebration, Kutztown Univeristy (June 2017), Heartland Marimba Festival 2017, My Last Recital at IC 2018, Sopron Drum Festival 2019, My Teaching Trip to Cupertino 2019.


Please feel free to browse through the many compositions of mine contained in this section of my website.  The following is a Chronological List of my compositions.  More pieces to come soon.  I am ALWAYS writing music. 

Chronological List of Compositions by Gordon Stout  (106 total-10/28/2020) 


Elegy (1969), solo mba. KPP 

Reverie (1969), solo mba. KPP- 

1970 (12) 

Andante & Allegro (1970), mba./piano KPP 

Diptych No. 1(1973), , mba./perc. KPP 

Etudes for Marimba, Book 1 (1973), solo mba. Colla Voce 

Two Mexican Dances (1974), solo mba. KPP 

Eisenhower’s Rondo (1974), 2 mba. flute, viola, 2 perc. KPP 

Three Movements for Marimba and Wind Ensemble (1974), solo mba. and W.E. 

Ode for Marimba (1975), solo mba. Colla Voce 

Etudes for Marimba, Book 2 (1975),solo mba.  KPP 

Duo(Dance-Song) (1976), , tpt.mba. KPP 

Etudes for Marimba, Book 3 (1976), solo mba. KPP 

Diptych No. 2, (1979), mba./perc.ens. OU Percussion Press 

Astral Dance (1979), solo mba. KPP 

1980 (2) 

Triptych (1980), 2 mba.s KPP 

Diptych No. 3 (1989), 2 mba.s KPP 

1990 (10) 

Ideo-Kinetic Workbook (1990), MBaker/KPP 

Duo (Dance-Song) (1990), sax/mba. KPP 

Nocturnes (1990), solo mba. MBaker/KPP 

Diptych No. 4 (1992), mba./perc. duetKPP 

Duo Concertante, (1994), two mba.s and W.E. KPP 

Four Episodes, Vol.1 (1994-95), solo mba. KPP 

Duo (Dance-Song)(1997), bsn/mba. MBaker/KPP 

Desperate Attitudes (1998), large perc. ens. KPP 

Sedimental Structures (1998), solo mba. KPP 

Rivers of Wood (1999), mba./pno or mba/chamber orch. KPP 

2000 (16) 

Rumble Strips (2000) solo mba. KPP 

Incoming (2002), mba./drum set KPP 

Laruci In the Sky (2002) - 2 mba.s KPP 

Wood That Sings (2003), solo mba. KPP 

Beads of Glass (2004), solo mba. KPP 

Route 666 (2004) - mba./perc. ens. KPP 

Four Episodes, Vol.2 (2006-2007), solo mba. KPP 

Four Dances (2006-2007), solo mba. KPP 

Migratory Systems (2005), xylo/perc.ens. KPP)?) 

Skylark Orange Circles (2004), two mba.s KPP 

Etudes for Marimba, Book 4(Seminar Etudes), (2003-2005) ,  solo mba. KPP 

Endless Mountains Wooden (2005), mba. orchestra KPP 

Choros 1-7 (2006-2009), mba. + various inst.s KPP 

Prelude:  A Winter Song (2008), mba./perc.ens. KPP 

Peach Dance (2008), solo mba. KPP 

2010 (47) 

Whatever’s More (2010), solo mba. KPP 

Quondam Reflections (2011), solo mba. KPP 

Somewhere in Africa there’s A Whirlwind (2010), two mba.s KPP 

Episodes, Vol. 3 (2010-2011),  2 flutes/mba./perc. KPP 

New York Triptych (2011) - KPP 

New York Triptych, quartet version (2011) ,mba. orchestra KPP 

Outgoing, original version (2011) mba. timp. 2 perc.pano KPP 

Outgoing(2011), perc. ens. version KPP 

Manhattan Escapades (2012), two mba.s KPP 

Cerulean Landscape (2013) solo mba. KPP 

Acquiescent Blues (2013), mba/vibes KPP 

Bossacatta (2013), two mba.s KPP 

Tailoring for Two (2013) two mba.s KPP 

Four Faces (2014), mba/perc.ens. KPP 

Afternoon Footprints (2014), solo mba. KPP 

Morphic Resonance (2014), solo mba. KPP 

Something to Do With Grace (2014), mba./perc.ens.  KPP 

Belly Buttons (2014), mba.drum set KPP 

Stars of Brazil (2014), mba./flute  KPP (release date unknown!) 

The Other Side (2014), solo mba. KPP 

Whatever’s More (2014), mba./string quartet KPP 

Mystic Rites of Flight (2015)m two mba.s  KPP(release date unknown!) 

Uninhabited Admittance (2015), solo mba. KPP 

Anthem:  To Catch A Glimpse (2015), solo mba. KPP 

Dream-Awakening & Dance 2015, mba. orchestral  KPP 

The Changeling (2015), mba./various inst.s KPP (release date unknown!) 

Seeking Pacific Waters (2016), percussion ensemble KPP (release date unknown!) 

Short Dance (2016), solo marimba  KPP 

Luvlars (2016), solo mba. Full Circle Publications 

DF-2 (2016, solo marimba, Full Circle Publications 

Look Forward With Your Feet (July 11,2016), mba. solo w/ perc. ens. Full Circle Publications. 

Crystal Vaults (2016), solo mba. Full Circle Publications 

Prolific Platitudes (2016), for perc. quartet Full Circle Publications 

Three Ancient Landscapes  (2017), Symphony Orchestra. Full Circle Publications (manscript) 

Shadows of the Wind (2017), solo mba.  Full Circle Publications 

One Last Breath (2017), solo mba. Full Circle Publications 

Emerald Romp (2017), vibes/mba./drum kit. Full Circle Publications. 

Etude In A minor (2017), solo mba. Full Circle Publications 

Audition Piece (2017), perc.trio Full Circle Publications (manscript) 

Reminiscences of One’s Time(2017), solo mba. Full Circle Publications 

A Fascinating Odessy (2017) - trio for marimba, english horn, congas. 

Full Circle Publications (manscript) 

Epitaph (2018), solo mba. Full Circle Publications ASCAP 

Etude in A Major (Happy) (2018), solo mba. Full Circle Publications 

Never Less the Same (2018), solo mba. Full Circle Publications 

Full Circle (2019), solo mba.  Full Circle Publications. 

On the Other Hand (A Vignette) (2018), solo mba. Full Circle Publications 

The Beguine of Something Beautiful (2019), clar/mba. Full Circle Publications (manscript).  

POST RETIREMENT (2019-2020) 

2019 (6) 

The Secret  Key (2019).  solo mba. Full Circle Publications (manscript) 

Sinfonietta (2019). mba. orch.  Full Circle Publications 

Bag of Bones-A Caprice (2019). solo mba. Full Circle Publications (manscript) 

Terms of Transfiguration (2019). solo mba. Full Circle. Publications (manscript) 

Still Leaves Falling (2019).  solo mba.  Full Circle Publications (manscript) 

Hand in Hand (2019). For two mba.s/harp. Full Circle Publications (manscript) 

2020 (11) 

Vistas of Amkikaia (Revised April 2, 2020).  solo mba.. Full Circle Publications 

Sarah’s Dance (2020). perc. ens. Full Circle Publications (manscript) 

Burnt Offerings (2020)  solo mba. Full Circle Publications (manuscript) 

1. Fire Dance (Feb. 21, 2020) 

2. Ember’s Glow (March 3, 2020) 

3. Ashes Rising (Jan. 16, 2020) 

4. Time’s Passing (March 22, 2020) 

Crossing Sweet Bridges (2020).  flute/mba.  Full Circle Publications (manscript) 

Wailing Song (2020).  mba orch. Full Circle Publications (manscript) 

Sketch #1 (2020).  solo mba. Full Circle Publications (manscript) 

New for Dane (Untitled) (2020). mba/perc/bass. Full Circle Publications (manuscript) 

Time’s Coming (2020)  solo mba.  Full Circle Publications (manuscript)

New Compositions coming from Keyboard Percussion Publications!

1. Short Dance (Dance Courte) 2016, for solo 5.0 marimba (currently available from mostly marimba.com or Steve Weiss Music.   Available Fall 2020

2.  Mystic Rites of Flight, 2015 for two 5.0 marimbas 

3.  Seeking Pacific Waters, 2015 for young percussion ensemble 

4.  The Changeling 2015 for marimba and nine instruments 

5.  Migratory Systems 2005 for 4.0 xylophone solo and percussion ensemble 

6.  Stars of Brazil 2014 for 5.0 marimba and flute.  Available May 2001!  NOW!

If you are interested in these works, please write to me at gstout@ithaca.edu.  All other and future compositions will be published by Full Circle Publications, a division of G&C Music.


Heartland Marimba Quartet CD now available!

Posted on November 01, 2019.  Please copy and past links!  

The Heartland Marimba Quartet CD has now been released, and is available from:  https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/heartlandmarimbaquartet 





This is a really great CD, with music by Gottschalk, Orfaly, Pickering, Joplin, Blasco, Simpson, and Gordon Stout!  Their recording of my New York Triptych is totally amazing!  It has all the right energy, musical direction, control of articulation and tone quality, and is something I am very proud to add to my list of recorded compositions!  I highly recommend this CD.  Matthew Coley, their director, is really the new Clair Omar Musser in today's marimba world (my thought), and this group is a seasoned chamber music ensemble, as good as any string quartet!