Please feel free to browse through the many compositions of mine contained in this section of my website.  The following is a summary of what you will find, as of January 22, 2020.  More pieces to come soon.  I am ALWAYS writing music.

39 marimba solo

27 marimba with other instrument

8 marimba duos

10 percussion ensemble

1 marimba quartet

1 Concerto (two marimbas & wind ensemble)

1 method book

4 marimba orchestra

Sinfonietta(2019)  is Stout’s fourth composition for marimba orchestra, and was commissioned and composed in 2019 for the Kitakyushu Marimba Orchestra RIM in Japan.  It is very much a “classical” piece in structure, being in three movements:  Tarantella, Song, and Pas de deux.  It requires a group with much musical depth and great technical sophistication, but I am very confident that the members of the Kitakyushu Marimba Orchestra group will be more than up to the challenge. 

The Tarantella is a rapid whirling dance originating in southern Italy, in this case in a changing meter rhythmic environment, but with a similar fast upbeat tempo. 

The Song is a beautiful movement in a folk song style., but with strong rhythmic metric structures. 

The Pas de deux features pairs of instruments, most frequently with marimbas 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 being paired together. 

Sinfonietta is played continuously from one movement to the next.  I hope you enjoy this music.  I had a wonderful time composing it.  I love marimba orchestra!  The amazing sounds of the marimba orchestra are second to none. 


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Never Less the Same (2018).  This tour de force composition was composed and premiered by marimba virtuoso Eriko Daimo.  It was premiered on October 5, 2018 at Ithaca College, as part of my last faculty recital before retirement.  This work should become standard repertoire for marimba competitions (I hope!), and those wanting a serious, substantial, and virtuoso advanced level composition.  One of Stout's best.  Eriko performed a half dozen times around the world following the premiere, including in Japan.  It might be described as like Sedimental Structures, but technically and musically more advanced and sophisticated. For purchase through the Full Circle Publications section of this website, and from Steve Weiss Music.

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Crystal Vaults (2016).  Written for and dedicated to Linsday Eastham, who did the premiere of this exciting composition.  You can find out more about Lindsey are her many activities at  She is a Marimba One Discovery Artist, currently living in London.  For purchase through the Full Circle Publications  section of this website, and from Steve Weiss Music.

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 Full Circle (2019).  Full Circle is one of my newest marimba solos, and is dedicated to Ruth Komanoff Underwood, who is the former mallet percussion specialist with Frank Zappa.  It is available for purchase from the Full Circle Publications  section of this website, and from Steve Weiss Music.

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One Last Breath (2017).  Dedicated to Adam Blackstock and his daughter Ella.  Adam asked me to compose a beautiful piece to show his love for his daughter Ella.   There is no sound I love more than the resonant and beautiful sound of the marimba.  There is nothing that Adam loves more than his daughter.  The two things came together to produce One Last Breath.  For purchase from the Full Circle Publications sections of this website, and from Steve Weiss Music.  This recording is by the wonderful Ayami Okamura, from the Japanese premiere in 2019.