Notice:  As of March 15, 2020, printed copies of my music from Full Circle Publications will not be available.  The beautiful printed copies were put together by Diana at Long Island Music Engraving Services (same as Ivan Trevino and Anthony DiBartolo), who passed away last week.  Because of the medical emergency currently going on cur country, I am therefore unable to check out, locate, and engage a new printer.  I will do so as soon as it is safe, and notify all of you.  Aw always, and in the meantime, of course, all my music is still available in pdf file format.  Steve Weiss Music may have printed copies in inventory, so you can always check with them at  Please stay safe everyone!!  Gordon

Some comments:  

A great friend and marimba busy of mine, Larissa Venzie said:  "I really hope people have the sense to purchase all this newer music from you. I think they’re the perfect combination of meaty, pretty, and satisfying to play without being ridiculous marimba Olympics or too avant-garde, you know?  LV 

Another great friend of mine, Adam Blackstock recently commented on a tour to Ukraine, "Your music captures the true voice of the instrument and allows the marimba to possess tangible emotions. No one else is close. Just ask the folks in Ukraine! They went fucking NUTS for your music. I played One Last Breath, Beads, Whatever’s More, Wood that Sings, Mexican Dances, and Rumble Strips. They were blown away. Four encores later, they let me sit down. ' AB

The Vistas of Amfikaia
  • The Vistas of Amfikaia
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Originally composed in 2018 for the students of the Milkov Summer Marimba Camp, in Amfikaia, Greece. Now dedicated to Márton Szives, who did the premiere on May 13, 2020. Perfect for the college level percussion recital.

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Reminiscences of One's Time (2017)

This beautiful composition was written for Naoko Takada in 2017).  It is sort of my version of Legend, by Albéniz, having a kind of Spanish quality.  It is meaty, interesting, tonally conceived, but not so difficult it turns into marimba olympics.  It should be a staple of college level recital literature, and will please marimbists and all others as well.


Epitaph (2018)

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This is one of my most beautiful and poignant compositions to date.  In the tradition of One Last Breath, the essence of this piece is the choral.  The midi recording is obviously not a good representation of the sound, as no rolls indications are used in the score (Sibelius mid rolls are ridiculous and stupid sounding), so it will play quite sparsely.  

It was composed at a time in my life when many of my friends were going through serious emotional issues with their families in one way or another:  Dean Witten, Larissa Venzie, Nora Clerc, Lindsey Eastham, Grace Asucion, Yurika Kimura, and Jeff Meyer.  This piece is a representation of the sorrow I had for these wonderful friends of mine, and is dedicated to them and their loved ones.


Never Less the Same (2018)

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This tour de force composition was composed and premiered by marimba virtuoso Eriko Daimo.  It was premiered on October 5, 2018 at Ithaca College, as part of my last faculty recital before retirement.  This work should become standard repertoire for marimba competitions (I hope!), and those wanting a serious, substantial, and virtuoso advanced level composition.  One of Stout's best.  Eriko performed a half dozen times around the world following the premiere, including in Japan.  It might be described as like Sedimental Structures, but technically and musically more advanced and sophisticated.


On the Other Hand (A Vignette) (2018)

This composition was written for and premiered at my last Ithaca College faculty recital on my birthday (October 5th) in 2018.  Is is a sweet piece, with typical Stout harmonic progressions and would be great for college level recitals - it is interesting, challenging, meaty, fun to play, but without being concerned with marimba olympics or being avant grade.