Past Dates

Friday, October 5th, 2018

Gordon's Last Faculty Recital at Ithaca College
Gordon's Last Faculty Recital - 8:15PM
Ford Hall Auditorium, School of Music
Ithaca, New Yordk 14850
607-274-3427 (GBS office)
Price: Free

This program will feature Gordon and a number of his friends and colleagues, including:

-Eriko Daimo - (she will premiere a new composition for solo marimba and perform Skylark Orange Circles with me)

-Dane Richeson - (we will perform my Choro No.1 together, featuring the amazing Dane on pandeiro)

-Larissa Venzie - (she will perform a solo work that I composed for her.  Additionally we will perform Laruci In The Sky for two marimbas together, and a new arrangement of Shenandoah for two marimbas)

-Dan Pancaldi - we will all perform a new percussion ensemble work by Dan.  Bobby Lopez will also join us for this performance (Bobby is from Texas).

-who knows whatever other treats for you will be performed!

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

The Days of Percussion Italy & Italy Percussion Competition
A festival and competition
Congress Hotel Serena Majestic
Montesilvano, Pescara

The festival and competition are from the 18th to 23rd of September, 2018.

Wednesday, August 8th, 2018

Theodor Milkov - Summer Camp 2nd Edition
10 full days of practicing, discovering new ideas and having fun
Amfikaria - Parnassum Mountains

The summer camp is from August 8-18, 2008.  8 private lessons.  6 concerts and clinics.  Guest include Casey Cangelosi, Arjan Jongsma, Gordon Stout, Andrs Ástrand and Vincent Houdijk.

Monday, March 26th, 2018

Marimba & Percussions

Audition:  March 26, Ruse Hall, 10AM

Closing Concert: March 29, Ruse Hall, 5:30PM

Gordon Stout & Tatiana Koleva

Sunday, July 9th, 2017

Heartland Marimba Festival
HMF Academy - The Academy finishes on Jul 16, 2017
Department of Music-UW Stevens Point
Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Topic of the course:  Recording and Building a Diverse Artistic Future.  Student participation levels include:  Recording Artist Participant, College Participant, or High School Participant.  Learn, perform, and record along side full-time artists and a legendary teacher.  Artist Faculty:  Matthew Coley, Gordon Stout, The Heartland Mariunmba Quartet, Brian Baldauff, and others.

We will be performing my latest composition for marimba orchestra:  Dream-Awakening and Dance.  This was premiered at Kutztown University in November of 2016, with Bob Becker and Yurika Kimura as soloists.  This performance will feature Gordon Stout and Matthew Coley as soloists.  It is my hope that a recording of this performance will happen and become available.

Thursday, September 19th, 2019

Festival Days of Percussion
Congress Hotel Serena Majestic
Montesilvano, Pescara

From September 19-24, 2017.  The list of artists participating, in addition to myself are:

Wooten, Spiesser, Friedman, Alcaraz, Leoson, Zhang, Famularo, Latham, Chizhik, Iannetta, DeCiutiis, Picciani, Lombardo.

My recital is on September 19th, in the evening.

My master class is on September 22nd.

See the website for more details: