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gordon stout: Photos

Early years photos

Gordon playing his first marimba as a young boy.
Gordon playing Creston - August 1968
Gordon with High School Orchestra Director, Charles Gabrion, 1969
Playing his King George marimba with his first teacher James Salmon in 1970
The Malmo PE with GBS in 1978 at St. Mary's College of Maryland.  With Bent Lylloff and Ed Thigpen.
Two of his favorite teachers at Eastman in 1974 - Donald Hunsberger and John Beck
The classic Deagan publicity photo, around 1978
During the recording of Gordon's first album, Los Angeles, CA  1977
With Keiko Abe and Kimiko Shimbo at Drums Unlimited in Bethesda, MD, late 1970's.
The Bergerault publicity photo, early 1980's.
With Keiko Abe, PASIC 1984 in Ann Arbor, MI.
In Wisconsin - Summer 1985
Studying a score-the back cover of the first CD-1990's.
The Malletech publicity photo - 1990's.
At home in Ithaca, NY-early 1990's.
Gordon and some of his students-summer 2007

Astral Dance-5.0 ending

Astral Dance-new ending p.2
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