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New Recordings and Pictures_

New recording posted (5/23/2017) of EASTHMA (Lindsey Eastham and Hiromu Nagahama) playing Aquiescent Blues for vibrphone and marimba in Compositions.  Check it out!!

New recording posted 5/25/17 of Whatever's More with string quartet, by Adam Blackstock.

New recording posted 5/25/17 of Luvlars by Larissa Venzie.

New recording posted 5/25/17 of The Other Side by Alice Pan.

New recording posted 5/25/17 of an older performance of Four Episodes Volume 3 for marimba, two flutes, and percussion.  This is a great performance by Marco Schirripa and others from Indiana University.  Beautiful!!

New recording posted 5/25/17 of Four Faces from a performance a couple of years ago at the Zeltsman Marimba Festival.  A quite good performance for you to check out!!


New Pictures posted 5/26/17:  DeMorrow Gallery - a collection of miscellaneous pictures of the most beautiful marimbas ever made!  Check them out!!

Also - quite a few new sounds files added (Uninhabited Admittance performance by GBS from 10/4/15 among others!!).

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