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New Compositions for KPP coming soon!

There will be six more of my compositions published by Keyboard Percussion Publications in the not too distant future:

1. Short Dance (Dance Course) 2016, for solo 5.0 marimba

2.  Mystic Rites of Flight, 2015 for tw0 5.0 marimbas

3.  Seeking Pacific Waters, 2015 for percussion ensemble

4.  The Changeling 2015 for marimba and nine instruments

5.  Migratory Systems 2005 for 4.0 xylophone solo and percussion ensemble

6.  Starts of Brazil 2014 for 5.0 marimba and flute

These will be my last compositions published by KPP.  Keep checking www.mostlymarimba.com for further information.  All other and future compositions will be published by Full Circle Publications, a division of G&C Music.

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