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"Rosewood - One Last Breath" - Panel Discussion for PASIC 2018

It has indeed been a busy fall!!


It has been an incredibly busy fall 2018 semester at Ithaca College.  My last fall semester.  In case you don't already know it, I am retiring from Ithaca College in May of 2019, after 41 years of full time teaching, which includes three years at St. Mary's College of Maryland prior to coming to Ithaca.

The fall semester started out with a residency with Nexus!  They were here for three and half days, including workshops by Bob Becker, Bill Cahn, Russel Hartenberger, and Garry Kvistad.  The residency culminated with a wonderful concert, on which I played five xylophone rags with the group (Bob on xylophone, me on marimba with the others), one African piece, and an incredible set by Bob, Yurika Kimura and I consisting of Musser's A-Flat Etude, B-Major Etude, and G-Major Prelude in new trio arrangements.

Then I travelled to Montesilvano, Italy for my second visit to the Italy PAS festival and competition.  It was again a wonderful festival.  I performed a concert which went very, very well, and included New York Triptych (quartet version).  The marimba competition was spectacular this year again, with incredible young talent.  The marimba is indeed in good hands with young musicians who have transcended virtuosity with impeccable musicianship.

Then it was off for Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ for the Dean Witten memorial concert.  I played solo and was also concertmaster for the marimba orchestra, all is commemoration of the life and work of my great friend, Dean Witten.

On October 5th, I performed my last faculty recital at Ithaca College - NOT my last performance, but only the last faculty recital. I was joined by special friends Eriko Daimo, Dane Richeston, Larissa Venzie, Bobby Lopez and Dan Pancaldi.  It was a wonderful but long program, and there were over 70 of my formers students in attendance from all over the United States.  We held the studio party of the century the next day at Stewart Park in Ithaca.  It was a great way for all of us Ithaca percussion friends to touch base, renew friendships, make news one, and celebrate the legacy of Ithaca College Percussion which has been such an important part of my life.


Another youtube video to watch!!


I have just posted another video to my youtube channel.  This one is from the 2018 Central New Jersey HS Percussion Ensemble concert on January 7, 2018.  It was a pretty good performance of this work, originally commissioned by the Hawaii Youth Percussion Ensemble - Seeking Pacific Waters (2015) - for an ensemble of six mallet percussionists.  Write me for information.


Two beautiful Videos to watch on youtube!


There are two youtube videos of my music on my youtube channel now, both videos by Larissa Venzie (, performed beautifully on her DeMorrow Concert marimba.

1.  Afternoon Footprints (2015), by Gordon Stout (published by KPP,

2.  Luvlars (2016), by Gordon Stout


Two New Recordings Added!


 After a marvelously successful trip to Stevens Point, WI for the Heartland Marimba Festival last July, I  have now posted two new audio files in the Compositions section of my website.

They are :  New York Triptych (quartet version - performed by the Heartland Marimba Quartet), and Dream-Awakening & Dance (for marimba orchestra and two marimba soloists - performed by the Heartland Marimba Orchestra, Gordon Stout and Matthew Coley, soloists, and conducted by Joe Millea).  Both compositions are published by KPP at

I hope you will give a listen to these two fantastic performances!!


YouTube links galore!


Following are some YouTube links to excellent performances of my music.  Please check them out.  Thanks.  If you know of others, please send me an email. Finale from Four Dances for Marimba (Tom Burritt) A Lullaby Dancing from Four Dances for Marimba (Tom Burritt) Song from Four Dances for Marimba (Tom Burritt) Two Mexican Dances (1.) (Kevin Bobo) Two Mexican Dances (2.) (Kevinm Bobo) Skylark Orange Circles (Marco Schirripa and Andrew Dobos) Somewhere in African There’s a Whirlwind (Marco Schirripa and Sean Gill). Morphic Resonance (Marco Schirripa) Desperate Attitudes (TCU Percussion)   Prelude: A Winter Song (Lawrence University Percussion Ensemble - LUPI) from PASIC 2014 - portions of Keyboard Sight Reading Lab (Gordon Stout) Anthem: To Catch A Glimpse (Ayami Okamura) Episode 5 (Anthony DiBartolo)


Edited Version of Migratory Systems now ready!


This piece for xylophone solo and percussion was premiered in its entirely at Ithaca College in April of 2017, with Derek Wohl as xylophone soloist.  It was subsequently revised and improved in many ways, and is now ready for anyone interested.  It is not yet scheduled for publication by KPP, so anyone interested can write me regarding a possible performance.


Incredible Performance!


Wow!  I just listened to an amazing and beautiful performance of my Prelude: A Winter Song by the Lawrence University Percussion Ensembe, directed by Dane Richeson.  It was performed on their end of the year percussion ensemble concert yesterday (5/28/17) to open the concert.  It was truly a wonderful performance, bringing out the song like atmospere of the composition, and with direction and intensity as well.  Please check out this performance!!

The sound file is now posted in the Compositions part of this website.

You can also see the archived live stream at:

The rest of the concert is quite excellent as well!  You will enjoy the entire show if you have the time!!


New Recordings and Pictures_


New recording posted (5/23/2017) of EASTHMA (Lindsey Eastham and Hiromu Nagahama) playing Aquiescent Blues for vibrphone and marimba in Compositions.  Check it out!!

New recording posted 5/25/17 of Whatever's More with string quartet, by Adam Blackstock.

New recording posted 5/25/17 of Luvlars by Larissa Venzie.

New recording posted 5/25/17 of The Other Side by Alice Pan.

New recording posted 5/25/17 of an older performance of Four Episodes Volume 3 for marimba, two flutes, and percussion.  This is a great performance by Marco Schirripa and others from Indiana University.  Beautiful!!

New recording posted 5/25/17 of Four Faces from a performance a couple of years ago at the Zeltsman Marimba Festival.  A quite good performance for you to check out!!


New Pictures posted 5/26/17:  DeMorrow Gallery - a collection of miscellaneous pictures of the most beautiful marimbas ever made!  Check them out!!

Also - quite a few new sounds files added (Uninhabited Admittance performance by GBS from 10/4/15 among others!!).


New Compositions


I have been very active writing new works for marimba and percussion during 2016 and the first part of 2017.   Here is a listing of my most recent compositions.  You can find more information and/or audio files in the composition section of this website.

Untitled Orchestra composition (2017).  I have finally written a work for symphony orchestra!  It is in three movements, and about 26 minutes in length.

Look Forwood With Your Feet (2016, is for marimba and five percussion.  It was written in July of 2016, and premiered at PASIC 2016 in November of 2016, by the UT Austin Percussion Ensemble, Thomas Burritt, director, and Andrew Sickmeier, marimbist.  Similar in orchestration to Four Faces (marimba, four percussion, and electric bass), the chosen percussion instruments included three cymbals, maracas, bongos, and high and low drum.  This way balance isn't a problem for the marimba soloist.  Not yet scheduled for publication by KPP, so write to me if you are interested in the music and a possible performance.

DF-2 (Don't Forget Domaine Forget) (2016) is for solo 5.0 marimba.  It is dedicated to the percussion students at Domaine Forget 2016, where I taught for a week during the summer of 2016.  It has not yet been premiered, and is not yet scheduled for publication by KPP, so write to me if you are interested in the music and a possible performance.

Luvlars (2016) is for solo 5.0 marimba, and was written for Larissa Venzie.  It is a very beautiful composition and is not yet scheduled for publication by KPP, so write to me if you are interested in the music and a possible performance.  A sound file of an informal performance of this work by Larissa will soon by on my website in the Compositions section.

Choro No. 4, by Augusto Marcellino, is for 5.0 marimba.  The Choros 1, 3, and 9 have become exceptionally popular since their release some years ago.  Finally, here is the next one.  It should be released by KPP during the summer of 2017.  Check their website at

Prolific Platitutes (2016) is for percussion quartet, and was written for the Ithaca College Graduate Percussion Quartet.  It was premiered in the spring of 2017.  The instrumentation is for 5.0 marimba, vibrphone, xylophone, and drum set.  This is a fun work of about 6-7 minutes, perhaps best suited as an opener or closer to a percussion concert.  It is not yet scheduled for publication by KPP, so write to me if you are interested in the music and a possible performance.

Crystal Caverns (2016) is for solo 5.0 marimba, and was written for Lindsey Eastham, who premiered it at Ithaca College in the spring of 2017.  It is a fun, yet challenging work for the advanced marimbist, in two large sections, both ot which center around  E-minor.  It is not yet scheduled for publication by KPP, so write to me if you are interested in the music and a possible performance.


My very first composition.

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