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gordon stout: Links

DeMorrow Instruments

The Reference Standard in Hand-Crafted Keyboard Percussion.  The pictures on my home page show both the new Concert DeMorrow marimba (concert grand black finish), and the travelling frame (made from African Mahogany wood).

Dream Cymbals and Gongs
Steve Weiss Music

Steve was a good friend of mine.  He actually saved my life once.  I have purchased most of the equipment Ithaca College owns from Weiss, for almost 35 years.  Still the best!

Favorite Artists

Thomas Burritt

Tom is such a great marimbist, percussionist, and musician, that all should check out his site!  His list of accomplishments is too long to mention here.  He is Professor of Percussion at the University of Texas at Austin, and his CD Groundlines contains the absolute definitive recording of my work Four Dances for solo marimba.  It is stunningly beautiful!!

Introducing Colleen Clark - The Debut Album

Eriko Daimo
A wonderful percussion ensemble, from Spain. Great players and musicians, and wonderful people. They will celebrate their 10th season in 2011.
Gary France

Gary is a transplanted Australian percussionist, originally from the USA.  Great percussionist, great musician, great human being, and new owner of the Groove School of Drums & Percussion.  

David Friedman
Marta Klimasara
Tatiana Koleva
Joe Locke
Katarzyna Mycka
Rin Ozaki
Naoko Takada
Larissa Venzie - Marimbist

Larissa is a former student of mine from Ithaca College, where she received both the BM and MM degrees in percussion performance.  Larissa recorded my marimba duo, Laruci In The Sky with me on my Welcome to Stoutland CD.  She has two CD's of her own, and is a wonderful marimbist and musician.  Check out her site!

Nancy Zeltsman

Other Important Sites

Percussive Arts Society
I have been a member of PAS most of my life, beginning sometime in the 1960's. If you are interested in the field of percussion, you should be a member. No questions.
Ithaca College
I have taught here since 1980, and will most likely continue to do so till' retirement.
Contemporary Music Project
A great site for a lot of reasons, one of which is that Don is a former student of mine, and great friend, percussionist, composer, teacher, and on and on.