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Please note:  I have just learned of an incredible recording of my large percussion ensemble work Desperate Attitudes, by the TCU Percussion Ensemble under the directorship of Brian West.  The performance is from 2016, and is simply wonderful.  Easily the best performance to date of this difficult and complex composition.  I love it!  The Youtube link is:

Check it out!!!


The video posted above (5/24/2016) is when I first saw my new Concert DeMorrow marimba.  I walked around the instrument, filming with my iPhone while Larissa Venzie (my good friend and great marimbist) was playing some music by Tom Marceau on the Artist DeMorrow marimba.  At the end it pans so you can see a few seconds of her beautiful playing!  Enjoy!  Please listen with headphones or on a good stereo system.  

By the way, the Artist marimba is not for sale.  It is a treasure beyond belief.  Doug and I are working out a way for people to be able to play it, thereby experiencing what the true capability of the marimba really is.  You have never heard anything like this, unless you have played this one marimba.  I hope that the program will  be some kind of rental program, yet to be determined.