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Full Circle Publications is now open for business!

You can now purchase one or all of the first six compositions offered by Full Circle Publications, a division of G&C Music.  Five of them are my own compositions.  One is by Nick Merillat, a young percussionist/educator/composer who did his MM degree with me a few years ago.  You may purchase either a digital copy or a beautifully printed copy through PayPal.  Digital copies are less expensive, and will be sent within two to three days in most cases.  Hard copies will be mailed directly to you from Limes Music Publishing, and includes $5.00 for shipping.   NY State residents pay sales tax which is included in the price.  You can listen to any of my  compositions in the Compositions section, where you will find sound files (either midi or live performances in some cases).


Crystal Vaults (2016)
- solo marimba5.0

Crystal Vaults is an exciting new composition by Gordon Stout.  It is dedicated to Lindsey Eastham, who did the premiere performance.  Recordings can be found in the Composition section of my website, and on my YouTube channel.

Full Circle (2019),
- solo marimba 5.0, approximately 6'20"

Full Circle is one of my newest marimba solos, and is dedicated to Ruth Komanoff Underwood, who is the former mallet percussion specialist with Frank Zappa.

Vals Contempt (2016), by Nick Merillat
- solo marimba 5.0, approximately 4'00"

Vals Contempt is inspired by the many waltz styles of South America, but it does not attempt to be a faithful adaptation. The Vals (meaning “waltz” in Spanish) is present in this music, but the harmonies take some adventurous turns.Vals is also a homonym with False, and the title very nearly reads “False Contempt.”  The identity of this music depends on the ears present in the jury. Commissioned by Derek Wohl. Premiered March 1, 2016 at Ithaca College.  There is a really beautiful performance of this work on my YouTube channel, performed by Katie McInerney at Ithaca College.

Etude in A Major (Happy!) (2018)
- solo marimba 5.0, approximately 4'05"

Etude in A Major is subtitled Happy!, and was composed after a difficult period in my life, during which many dear friends passed away.  It is an intermediate level 4 mallet  solo, that is perfectly suited to the advanced high school or younger college student.  It is enjoyable and happy music!  There is a midi recording (for now) in the Compositions section of my website.

Luvlars (2016)
- solo marimba 5.0, approximately 7'25"

Luvlars is written for Larissa Venzie, my friend and colleague, and also a DeMorrow artist.  This is a very beautiful piece, emphasizing the sonorous and singing quality of the marimba.  It is a work that requires mature musical skills by the performer, but if you are looking for a piece that is substantial, but not a "chops" oriented  composition, this is for you!  You can hear and watch Larissa perform this on my YouTube channel.

One Last Breath (2017)
- solo marimba 5.0, approximately 7'41"

One Last Breath is dedicated to Adam Blackstock and his daughter Ella.  Adam asked me to compose a beautiful piece to show his love for his daughter Ella.  In my mind this work is dedicated to the marimba itself, and the fact that, as an instrument with keys made of Honduran Rosewood, it may be on its  "last breath" as we know it and have come to love it.  Honduran Rosewood is facing possible extinction in the future as environmental, social, and political situations have placed the harvesting and exporting of the wood in jeopardy.  If that happens, then the sound of the marimba will change forever.  There is no sound I love more than the resonant and beautiful sound of the marimba.  There is nothing that Adam loves more than his daughter.  The two things came together to produce One Last Breath.
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