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More compositions now available! - marimba solos 5.0

There are now 12 compositions published by Full Circle Publications.  The second group of six are:

-DF-2 (Don't Forget Domain Forget)


-Never Less the Same (for Eriko Daimo)

-Etude in A minor

-Reminiscences of One's Time (for Naoko Takada)

-On the Other Hand (A Vignette (for Gordon Stout)

As before, they are available both in digital and beautifully printed formats.  Check them out.  Recording (mostly midi are ready for you to listen to in the Compositions section of this website.

A great friend and marimba busy of mine, Larissa Venzie said:  "I really hope people have the sense to purchase all this newer music from you. I think they’re the perfect combination of meaty, pretty, and satisfying to play without being ridiculous marimba Olympics or too avant-garde, you know?  LV

Another great friend of mine, Adam Blackstock recently commented are a tour to Ukraine, "Your music captures the true voice of the instrument and allows the marimba to possess tangible emotions. No one else is close. Just ask the folks in Ukraine! They went fucking NUTS for your music. I played One Last Breath, Beads, Whatever’s More, Wood that Sings, Mexican Dances, and Rumble Strips. They were blown away. Four encores later, they let me sit down. AB


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