-On Virtuosity

We live in a world of excessiveness.  It seems to dominate everything, even  the arts.  Music is too loud, too fast, too ugly, too complicated.  Performance isn't so much concerned with musicianship, but with the virtuosity of excess.  More in less time is always going to get the standing ovation. Extravagance,  Effect and formulas are more important than the simple relationships between sounds.


We should commit to beauty of sound above all else.  Which comes from true love of the instrument,  and a true understanding of the capabilities of the instrument.  Be inside it's soul.


Search for and create meanings between sounds that have nothing to do with anything other than beauty.


Honesty: love the sound of your instrument more than you love actually playing it.

Is it the virtuosity of excess or the excess of virtuosity?


How much can be fit into how little time?  Fast music gets the nod too often.  Or medium to slow music played too fast.  When music is played too fast, it looses it expression from note to note, which is where the beauty is music exists.