Seeking Pacific Waters (2016)

gordon stout


The work was commissioned by the Hawaii Youth Percussion Ensemble and was premiered at the 2016 National Conference on Percussion Pedagogy.  It is score for six percussionists: 1-bells and chimes, 2-vibraphone, 3- 4.3 marimba, 4-5.0 marimba, 5-5.0 marimba, 6-5.0 marimba, and is around six and a half minutes in length.  It is a work which emphasizes musicianship and musicality from the ensemble.  The second part of the work is a beautiful chorale.

The recording contained herein is an mp3 from the Sibelius file, using Sibelius 6 Essential sounds.  I apologize for the awful sounding rolls in the chorale part of this piece.  Sibelius doesn't enable them to sound real.  You will get the idea for now.