Rivers of Wood (1999)

marimba and piano
Sound Clip - complete


1999. This work was commissioned by the Rivers Music School (Boston, MA) for the 22nd Annual Seminar on Contemporary Music for the Young. It is dedicated to Sarah Tenney and her 13 year old student Eugene Lee. The most important challenge for me was to write music for the marimba that could be well played by a young student, as this is not something I have not done a great deal of. This task did not change the basic way in which I compose, however. I worked out a few bits of material while playing the piano. I then began to explore that material in many different ways, until I decided on the basic nature of the music to be written. Everything was then organically derived from those first few bits of material. The title of the piece is a combination of rivers from the Rivers Music School and wood, the material of the marimba bars. Perhaps the rivers portion of the title may also refer to the organic and flowing nature of the music, and the way that the same material keeps flowing throughout the entire work. This work was premiered in April of 2000, with Eugene Lee (13 years old) as soloist.This work is about 8 minutes in length. It was originaly for marimba solo and chamber orchestra. I hope to make that version available soon. It is currently for sale in the marimba and piano version.   Recorded: "Astral Projections", Resonator Records (www.mostlymarimba.com) 00042. Publshed by Keyboard Percussion Publications (www.mostlymarimba.com).