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One Last Breath (2017)

Adam Blackstock
Gordon Stout (b.1952)


One Last Breath is dedicated to Adam Blackstock and his daughter Ella.  Adam asked me to compose a beautiful piece to show his love for his daughter Ella.  In my mind this work is dedicated to the marimba itself, and the fact that, as an instrument with keys made of Honduran Rosewood, it may be on its  "last breath" as we know it and have come to love it.  Honduran Rosewood is facing possible extinction in the future as environmental, social, and political situations have placed the harvesting and exporting of the wood in jeopardy.  If that happens, then the sound of the marimba will change forever.  There is no sound I love more than the resonant and beautiful sound of the marimba.  There is nothing that Adam loves more than his daughter.  The two things came together to produce One Last Breath.

It is now for sale through the G&C Music section of this website, in both digital and printed formats.

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