gordon stout - marimbist, composer, educator


Look Forward With Your Feet

gordon stout - marimbist, composer, educator


The is for marimba solo (5.) and five percussion, and was written for the UT Austin Percussion Studio, Thomas Burritt, director, and Andrew Sickmeier, marimbist.  They premiered on the UT Austin Showcase Concert at PASIC 2016 in November of 2016, and will release a recording of it on CD sometime in 2017.

It is a work of about 6 1/2 minutes, and would serve well as the opener of closer to a percussion concert.  Similar to my work Four Faces, this work is scored in such a way in an attempt to not over balance the sound of the marimba.  Instruments include: 3 cymbals, Venezualan maracas, bongos, and high and low drum.