Laruci In the Sky (2002)

marimba duet
Sound Clip - complete


2002. The first word of the title combines the two first names of students of mine at the time - Larissa plus Luci equals Laruci. It was premiered by Gordon Stout and Thomas Burritt at the University of Texas-Austin in April of 2002, and subsequently performed by Leigh Howard Stevens and She-e Wu in Taipei, Taiwan that summer. This is a very difficult work of some 7-8 minutes in length. The music is based on the kind of musical marimba game idea that was prominently used in Rumble Strips (2000), by Gordon Stout. It is fun, happy, crazy, and exciting all at the same time. Laruci In The Sky will be a great showcase for two really good marimbists who like to work together. Published by Keyboard Percussion Publications (