Four Dances for Marimba, 2006-2007

solo marimba
Sound Clip - complete. The premiere performance, by Larissa Venzie at Ithaca Colleg, spring 2007.


A great set of recital pieces, for the advanced high school or college student. Not as difficult as some of my music, and very enjoyable musically. Dedicated to Larissa Venzie, who did the premiere performance in the spring of 2007. That performance is included here in its entirety. Enjoy!!! 1. A Lullaby Dancing (for Vicky Lau-a present for her birthday!) 2. Song 3. Waltz (for Doug Johnson-great jazz pianist, who introduced me to the music of Brad Mehldau) 4. Dance-Finale.  Published by Keyboard Percussion Publications (

You should also most certainly check out Tom Burritt's performance of these pieces on his most recent CD: Groundlines, available at iTunes or www,  A stunning performance of my music!!!  The rest of the CD is amazing as well.  Check it out for sure.