Etudes for Marimba, Book 4 (2003-2005)

gordon stout


So called the "Seminar Etudes". The first three  were written in 2003 for my first trip to Hungary, where I taught at the Bartok Academy. I had no idea what the students would be like, or what their abilities would be.  So these three Etudes are all based on the same material, like a theme and two variations.  There are two that were written for the Zeltsman Festival in Boston, and one the  Stevens seminar. For intermediate level marimba, these should be playable by almost any college level marimbist or younger.  Published by Keyboard Percussion Publications (

The recording contained herein is an mp3 from the Sibelius file, using Sibelius 6 Essential sounds, of the Stevens Seminar etude - No.5 of this collection.