Etudes for Marimba, Book 2 (1975)

solo marimba
Sound Clip - No.9 (complete)


1975. Exclusively for four mallet marimba. These pieces are more lengthy and difficult than those of Book 1. In composing these etudes, I was more concerned with developing formal structures that a specific technique for each etude. The sixth etude is in a choral style. The seventh etude explores the use of glissandi. The eighth etudes is dedicated to Keiko Abe, and is in a variations form, and is probably one of the most difficult pieces I have composed. The ninth etude is one of my most favorite pieces to perform, and is influenced by jazz rhythms and figures. The tenth etude is a twelve-tone composition. Recorded: "Gordon Stout: Music for Solo Marimba"(temporarily out of print).  Published by Keyboard Percussion Publications (