Etudes for Marimba, Book 1 (1973)

solo marimba
Sound Clip - No.3 (complete)


1973. Difficult and short pieces for marimba. Each etude is based on a specific technical problem. The first etude will help you to develop interval changing technique with the inside mallets of each hand. The second etude is for two mallets, and is based on my Ideo-Kinetic Exercises for Marimba. The third etude was primarily written to develop the playing of octaves, and combines atonal harmonies with diminished scale passages. The fourth etude is a contemporary two-part invention, and was written as an assignment for a counterpoint class. The fifth etudes further explores octave technique, and has a middle section in which the player must quickly go from one style to another. Recorded: Etudes 1-3 are on "Gordon Stout: Music for Solo Marimba" (temporarily out of print).  Publisher: Music for Percussion/Colla Voce.