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Gordon Stout (b.1952)t


This is one of my most beautiful and poignant compositions to date.  In the tradition of One Last Breath, the essence of this piece is the choral.  The midi recording is obviously not a good representation of the sound, as no rolls indications are used in the score (Sibelius mid rolls are ridiculous and stupid sounding), so it will play quite sparsely.  

It was composed at a time in my life when many of my friends were going through serious emotional issues with their families in one way or another:  Dean Witten, Larissa Venzie, Nora Clerc, Lindsey Eastham, Grace Asucion, Yurika Kimura, and Jeff Meyer.  This piece is a representation of the sorrow I had for these wonderful friends of mine, and is dedicated to them and their loved ones.

It is available for G&C Music/Full Circle Publications in both digital and print formats.

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