Episodes, Volume 3 )2010-2011)

gordon stout


For marimba, two flutes, and percussion. Movements are: Dance(2010), Bossa(2010), March(2011), and Song(2011). Written for Elayne Harris, and premiered at Ithaca College.  These works take many of the stylistic elements from my Choros 1-7.  The two flutes take on the same kinds of melodic/hamonic ideas that were developed in Choros 6 & 7, particularly.  The drum in March should be a Becker/Mudra drum.  Published by Keyboard Percussion Publications (www.mostlymarimba.com).

The recordings are from a recital that Marco Schirripa gave at Indiana University.  The piece is in four movements:  Dance, Bossa, March, Song, and is almost 20 minutes in length total.  These are some of my most favorite compositions.  Please check them out and consider performing them.  Great fun!!