Diptych No. 4 (1992)

marimba and percussion duet
Sound Clip - partial. Here's a taste of this work from a performance at Ithaca College right before we played at PASIC-Columbus in 1993. Leigh on marimba, Gordon on percussion.


1992. This work was written for marimbist Leigh Howard Stevens, and premiered by Leigh (marimba) and Gordon (percussion) at PASIC-Columbus in 1993. It is a difficult work for the marimba, that again follows the diptych formula of fast-slow. The multiple percussion set up does not require too many instruments: vibes, bells, chimes, cowbells, temple blocks, splash cymbal,tom toms(2), bongos, and timpani. Published by  Keyboard Percussion Publications (www.mostlymarimba.com).