Desperate Attitudes (1998)

large percussion ensemble
Sound Clip - complete. This is the premiere performance of this work, given on May 12, 1998 at Northwestern University, Michael Burritt conducting.


Check out this wonderful and amazing performance by the TCU Percussion Ensemble, Brian West conducting, from 2016.  This is the best performance to date of this piece.  I love it!!

Posted:  1/24/ 2017


1998. This is a difficult work of about 13 minutes in length for large a percussion ensemble of 11 players (one 5.0 oct. mba. required). All percussion instruments are traditional, except for one player on lead steel drum, one player on djembe, and one player with eight tunable tom toms (or roto toms). This piece was commissioned by Michael Burritt and the Northwestern University percussion ensemble, and was premiered in May of 1998, Michael Burritt directing. The original musical ideas for the composition were created the day after the death of Princess Diana. The title refers to attitudes which cause many negative and unnecessary things to happen. There seems to be a great appetite for these kinds of things in our society today. The music bears no resemblance to the original ideas that I composed on that dark day. Instead, as the music progressed, it took on a more happy, vital, and dance like spirit . Published by Keyboard Percussion Publications (