Choro No. 1 (2006)

gordon stout


For marimba and pandeiro. Written for Dane Richeson and Gordon.  Dane is an incredible percussionist, and plays a wonderful pandeiro.  The notation for the pandeiro is taken from "Pandeiro Brasileiro, Volume 1" by Luiz Roberto Sampaio and Victor Camargo Bub.  It is available from Steve Weiss Music, and comes with a DVD.

The recording contained herein, comes from my Welcome To Stoutland CD, which is available from this website, iTunes, CD Baby, Facebook, and (KPP publishes the music as well).

This is the first in a series of seven Choros that I have composed.  I have tried to take one aspect or another, not in any formal way, of some of the Choros that I know (Marcellino in particular), and incorporate that into my own music.  

Choros 2-4 are for marimba, violin, and cajon/percussion.

Choro 5 is for two marimbas and cajon.

The Choros are all published by Keyboard Percussion Publications (

Choros 6 & 7 are for marimba, violin, soprano saxophone, classical guitar, upright bass, and percussion.