Belly Buttons (2015)

gordon stout


This is a virtuoso work for marimba and drum set.  It was written for Marco Schirripa (marimba) and Anthony DiBartolo (drum set)m who premiered it at ZMF2015 at Rutgers University in New Jersey.  

I consider it the logical extension of Incoming (drum set and marimba - 2002) and Outgoing (marimba, piano, timpani and two percussion - 2011).  A belly button can be either an  "inny" or an "outy" which is therefore the title of this work.  There is a quote from the music from the  Woody Woodpecker cartoons, if you can catch it!

The recording contained herein is an mp3 from the Sibelius file, using Sibelius 6 Essential sounds.