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gordon stout - marimbist, composer, educator: Errata

Errata: Sedimental Structures. Published by Keyboard Percussion Publications (

Posted on January 31, 2014

m.s 1 and 26:  cresc. for two beats, dim. for two beats.

-corrected notation for m.s 41-44.


-add in allargando in m.s 84 and 85, then a tempo in m.86.

-delete m. 93 completely.  It is a useless repeat of the previous bar (m.92).

-corrected notation for m.129 and 130.  Add in tied repeat of C-sharp in m.129, so the last chord is four voices. then add in the low G and D in the middle of the long arpeggiated figure, as below.


-interesting fact: note that the only C-naturals in the entire piece are in m.s 174 and 175.