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gordon stout - marimbist, composer, educator: Errata

Errata: Rumble Strips. Published by Keyboard Percussion Publications (

Posted on January 30, 2014

1.  Movement 1:  m.1, begin mf, diminuendo to mp m.2.  m.5, begin f, diminuendo to mp m.6.  m. 14, begin ff, diminuendo to mp m.15.  This will make a better musical result, terracing the beginning of the three phrases from mf to f to ff.

2.  Mvnt.1, m.65, reverse the two left hand notes on beat three to G (w/tenuto) followed by low C.  Also in m.67, the same thing.  So the pattern stays the same in m.64 yo the end of the first movement.

3.  Movement 2:  m.14, add a slight comma (breath mark) after the downbeat.  Same in m.23.

4.  m.63:  the first left hand note on beat 3 should still be B-flat, but one octave higher.  

5.  In both m.64 and 65:  the right hand notes on the second half of beat two and four should be reversed.  Keep the tenuto on the B as well (they will now be on the beat of course).

6.  In both m.110 and m.11, change to the following: