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gordon stout: Errata


  1.  Challenge 1:  2, 3, & 4 mallet solos for keyboard percussion, by Earl Hatch Furioso and valse in D Minor (2 Mallets) pub.Studio 4 Music
  2. Music Speed Reading, by David R. Hickman
pub. Wimbeldon Music Inc.
3.  Selected Duets for Flute, Volume 1 & 2, Compiled and Edited by H. Voxman
pub. Rubank Inc.
4. Little Note Book for Anna Magdalena Bach, by Johann Sebastian Bach
pub. Belwin Mills Publishing Corp.
5.  Pieces for Classical Guitar, Edited by Peter Greenwood
pub. Amsco Music Publishing Co.
6.  Rhythmic Articulation, by Pasquale Bona
pub. G.Schirmer
7.  Album of Easy Pieces by Modern Composers for the piano
(Bartok, Kabalivsky, Shostakowitch, Khachaturian, Prokofierr, Stravinsky) 
pub. Edwin F. Kalmus
8.  Various Short Preludes And Fugues, by Johann Sebastian Bach
Edited by Hans Bischoff
pub. Edwin F. Kalmus
9.  Sonata No. VI [...]
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m.s 1 and 26:  cresc. for two beats, dim. for two beats.

-corrected notation for m.s 41-44.


-add in allargando in m.s 84 and 85, then a tempo in m.86.

-delete m. 93 completely.  It is a useless repeat of the previous bar (m.92).

-corrected notation for m.129 and 130.  Add in tied repeat of C-sharp in m.129, so the last chord is four voices. then add in the low G and D in the middle of the long arpeggiated figure, as below.


-interesting fact: note that the only C-naturals in the entire piece are in m.s 174 and 175.  

1.  Movement 1:  m.1, begin mf, diminuendo to mp m.2.  m.5, begin f, diminuendo to mp m.6.  m. 14, begin ff, diminuendo to mp m.15.  This will make a better musical result, terracing the beginning of the three phrases from mf to f to ff.

2.  Mvnt.1, m.65, reverse the two left hand notes on beat three to G (w/tenuto) followed by low C.  Also in m.67, the same thing.  So the pattern stays the same in m.64 yo the end of the first movement.

3.  Movement 2:  m.14, add a slight comma (breath mark) after the downbeat.  Same in m.23.

4.  m.63:  the first left hand note on beat 3 should still be B-flat, but one octave higher.  

5.  In both m.64 and 65:  the right hand notes on the second half of beat two and four should be reversed.  Keep the tenuto on the B as well (they will now be on the beat of course).

6.  In both m.110 and m.11, change to the following: 


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